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"Keeps your carpets clean 50% longer compared to traditional cleaning systems"


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"Keeps your carpets clean longer compared to other methods according to the ICS Cleaning Specialist"

A low moisture carpet cleaning system

Safe for all types of carpet and prevents stains from reappearing 

Dries in about an hour 

Safe for family and pets

No surprise or hidden charges

Firm, accurate price before the fact

Independently owned and operated

Licensed and Insured

Our dry clean system releases dirt, dust, allergens, particles and even sticky detergents from previous cleanings that are attached to your carpet fibers

We then remove the encapsulated dirt via vacuum. This gives you a longer lasting beautiful appearance because nothing in your carpet attracts new soil. Even more, old stains won't reappear and pop back up to the surface.



If for any reason you're not happy with our service, we will promptly return and take care of the problem. If you're still not happy we will return your money for a courteous refund. 


*$25 per room carpet cleaning special*

(Full cleaning including spot/stain removal, pre-treatment, agitation, carpet grooming and 45-day guarantee)

$80 minimum
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Advantages our carpet cleaning system gives you...

  • Prevents your carpets from shrinking, stretching or developing that ripple look (Based on the same concept as bringing your clothes to the Dry Cleaners to prevent shrinkage and stretching. Carpet and clothing are made from the same materials.)
  • Saves money... Keeps you from replacing your carpet prematurely by eliminating over-wetting and cleaning which leads to wear on your carpet and soaks the base of your carpet, the foam pad and the floor below
  • Saves time... You'll be walking on your dry carpets in less than 1 hour after we leave your residents
  • Improves the indoor air quality of your home by destroying mildew, musty odors, mold, and mold spores that breathes into people’s lungs
  • Eliminates the headache of spots reappearing weeks later due to low moisture and our crystallizing pre-spray
  • Zero-residue keeps your carpet from attracting new soil leaving them bright, fresh and soft to the touch
  • Safety for your family, pets and environment... used in hospitals and health care facilities because it leaves no irritating residues or toxic chemicals. Nothing but fresh, pleasant aroma is left to remind you of the most pleasant carpet experience you've ever had.


$80 minimum

Carpet cleaning - $30 Per Room (includes spot/stain removal pre-treatment, agitation, carpet grooming and 45-day guarantee):

Carpet protector with 1 year performance guarantee - $0.15 per square foot

Deodorizer - Our deodorizer does more than just mask the odor. It eliminates the source - $ 10 Per Room

Area rugs - $0.40 per square foot

Sofa - $60 (add $30 for protector)

Love seat - $40 (add $20 for protector)

Chair - $30 (add $15 for protector)

Dining room chair - $10 (add $10 for protector)

Mattress - $25/Twin $35/Full Size $45/Queen $55/King

Tile & grout cleaning - $65 per room and $35 per hallway/bathroom

Tile & grout resealing - $65 per room and $35 per hallway/bathroom

Why choose ECO Carpet Cleaning?

Our encapsulation carpet cleaning system

Our encapsulation carpet cleaning system is the most effective cleaning service available. Our system cleans thoroughly, but safely by means of our unique process that not only removes soil and stains from your carpet, but leaves them bright, fresh, residue free and soft to the touch.

Convenience and quick drying times

Your carpets will usually dry and be ready to use in less than an hour.

Safety for your furnishings

You can be confident that your fine carpets and furniture are safe when in our care, unlike other cleaning methods that may cause over wetting, shrinkage, mildew, browning, fiber abrasion, or leave soil attracted residues.

Safety for your family, pets and environment

It's a comfort to know that our system is being used in hospitals and health care facilities because it leaves no irritating residues or toxic chemicals. Nothing but fresh, pleasant aroma is left to remind you of the most pleasant carpet experience you've ever had.

Free written evaluations, firm prices, never estimates

With no obligations, you'll have your carpet and furnishings inspected and tested for recommended cleaning services. We always provide firm, accurate cost of service before the fact.


According to the ICS Cleaning Specialist, low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning keeps your carpets looking cleaner for a longer period when compared to conventional carpet cleaning methods

Your carpets will resist new soil build up and prevent old stains from reappearing because of our proven carpet cleaning system. We practice a safe and healthy carpet dry cleaning process developed to prevent the 2 biggest headaches consumers bear with conventional carpet cleaning methods...

  1. Old stains reappearing after you had your carpets cleaned
  2. Carpets re-soiling faster than expected.

First of all, we've eliminated the problem of carpets re-soling at a fast rate due to our encapsulation cleaner. 

Second, this prevents old stains from popping up since there isn't excessive water to bring them back up. For more information on this see How our unique carpet cleaning system keeps your carpets looking beautiful 50% longer compared to traditional carpet cleaning systems located below.

How our unique carpet cleaning system keeps your carpets looking beautiful 50% longer compared to traditional carpet cleaning systems 

Your carpet attracts dirt and soil because of the sticky residues from detergents that remain in your carpet after you received your cleaning. This happens even after your carpet has dried.  

But here's some good news. Our carpet cleaning method eliminates this problem because our cleaners dry to a non-sticky crystal unlike other detergents. These crystals also encapsulate sticky detergents in your carpet from previous cleanings that attract soil. We remove these sticky detergents along with the soil when we do our final vacuum and soil removal.

How our unique system keeps old stains from reappearing after you had your carpets cleaned

Stains reappear because of wickbacks. Imagine a candle or lamp wick. The oil or wax draws to the top of the wick through absorption, kind of like a paper towel absorbs.

Basically, when getting your carpets cleaned, too much water will cause stains to travel farther down in the carpet backing.

So when this happens, the stain won't settle hidden in the carpet backing. Instead, the stain will eventually rise back to the surface of your carpet once the top of your carpet absorbs the lower water. This phenomenon is known as "capillary action."

However, your carpet won't experience this problem because our cleaners dry to a crystal. This leaves nothing in your carpet like water to wickback stains to the surface of your carpet.

What is the difference between our low moisture cleaning system and steam cleaning and traditional bonnet cleaning?

Steam cleaning is hot water extraction. Water is mixed with a detergent and sprayed on the carpet at 400 to 500 psi. Then the water is extracted from the carpet.

What is happening is the carpet is being pressured cleaned. There's no scrubbing or rinsing, just spraying and sucking. This pressure drives the water and some dirt deep into the carpet backing and sub floor under the carpet.

It's impossible to extract all the water that deep into the carpet, so the carpet stays wet for several days. This can cause mold and germ growth and stains to re-appear as the carpet dries.

Our carpet cleaning system is not bonnet cleaning. Although bonnet cleaning is a dry system, it removes the surface dirt but seldom removes embedded soil. Our system is called Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning. The main difference between encapsulation cleaning and bonnet cleaning is the primary way the soil is removed.

Bonnet Cleaning removes soil primarily through the absorbent pad on the cleaning machine. Our Low Moisture Encapsulation carpet cleaning works by doing the following...

We vacuum the carpet first to remove as much dry soil as possible. According to the IICRC, over 74 to 79 percent of the dirt in the carpet is dry soil. We then lightly spray your carpet with our cleaning solution.

Then a special pad is used with our machine to gently clean the carpet. The machine uses a smooth 1725 rpm random oscillation motion which cleans all sides and tops of the carpet fibers. This is the most effective way to remove stubborn stains and dirty areas. The oscillating motion pulls the dirt that is deep in the carpet releasing dirt, dust, allergens and particles attached to your carpet. 

The soil is then removed via a vacuum and the carpet is groomed. Carpet dries quickly and can be walked on in about an hour. Carpet will repel dirt like crazy and stay clean 50% longer when compared to traditional carpet cleaning systems. 

Our service is for people who want to be treated right!


45-day money back satisfaction guarantee

No bait and switch or hidden charges

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